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Jozanne Marie

From the greeting to the very last shot, he had me. Nogen is every actor’s dream photographer. I have taken many pretty headshots in my career, but these were the first headshots that spoke my name. Only great photographers can capture your true essence, that is why I will choose Nogen a thousand times.

Ben Kurland

You won’t understand the hype until you shoot with him because it’s inexplicable. The attention, the care, the ease, the absolute mastery of his craft. No one does what Nogen does, and I’m certain he will be LA’s #1 photographer very soon. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Nogen Beck is redefining LA headshots and the way actors experience them in 2014.

Marco James

I love my new headshots, I wouldn’t have gone to anyone else. As soon as I got my photos to my agency, the pilot meetings started rolling in for me! Nogen was able to capture who I am so spot on and the roles I’ve always wanted to audition for are constantly coming my way!

Julie Ann Emery

Not only is Nogen Beck artistically gifted and skilled (I mean we all want to look fantastic right?), but he also has a drive to pursue the moment that I find absent in other photographers. In every photo there is something intriguing happening behind the eyes. And let’s face it, that’s what truly makes a head shot leap out and grab you.

Lauren Plaxco

Nogen understands that headshots are an essential part of an actor’s communication with their market. He asks the right questions and seeks to find that unique spark in each of his subjects. Through this communication and Nogen’s expert eye and vast knowledge he captures that twinkle in the eye that says “THIS is who I am and THIS is what I know how to do.”

Alex Miller

Not only did your previous work get me over 15 booked shorts, music videos, commercials, and TV/ independent features, but our recent shoot has already out performed the last one. I am going on 4 to 5 auditions weekly, your work speaks for it’s self.

Thank you Nogen! Not only am I grateful to have worked with you but grateful for the working relationship!

Chad V.

I thought I had pretty good headshots before, but Nogen’s product blew those out of the water. Not only did he make me feel super comfortable and confident, but the value he provides is unmatched. My colleagues and friends are super impressed by my new headshots and will be using Nogen for theirs when the time is right. I’m continually impressed by his work ethic, dedication to his craft, and the product he produces.

Ben Kurland

When I first spoke to Nogen about my shoot, I knew I was in great hands. His vision excited me and I couldn’t wait to work with him. On the day of the shoot it was clear Nogen was an expert at crafting shots. He lights like a master cinematographer and communicates what he wants with ease. The shoot was a breeze and the results were beautiful, cinematic, eye catching photos. The kind of photos, you can’t help but look at.
I’ve had sessions with a few of the top headshot photographers in LA. My managers, agents and I agree: Nogen’s are by far the best headshots I’ve ever had.

Elizabeth McLaughlin

Nogen is the kind of photographer I’m always excited to shoot with. With his relaxed but professional style, his awesome workspace, and infectious personality, Nogen gives you the environment to play and express yourself. After working with him, I always leave with beautiful and open shots that express who I am.

Deidra S.

Nogen, it was a whole new and exciting experience shooting my headshots with you!

You were motivated, unafraid, and adventurous! You directed and gave me circumstances to showcase the specific look we were shooting for. And as an actor this is what we do, we get into character with a circumstance, we are directed and we shoot.

It was like being on set!

All in all, I appreciate your creative skill, your personality, and your approach.
Nogen you are an extraordinary photographer!

Jane Warner

Nogen doesn’t only take pictures, he creates moments. Which make every photo come alive!! And that’s what I want in my pictures, being moment to moment and telling a story.

Justin Truesdale

As an actor, my business is about communication, relationships, and the love of art itself. This parallels everything that Nogen practices. He’s interested in you and what you want, he communicates, and he is in love with the art of photography. Need I say more?