There are two parts to my philosophy, my overall business approach, and my approach to headshot photography.

The NB Business Philosophy

My clients don’t exist for my business; my business exists for my clients. At the heart of why I do what I do is the mission to lead both the business professional and actor marketing industries to continuously evolve, reinvent itself, and strive upwards. Through accessibility, dedication, and education, my team and I are redefining headshots and the way people experience them.

The NB Philosophy of Headshot Photography

Excellent headshots are a science and an art, not one or the other. Despite the common tendency to focus on the art of photography, headshot photography differs from portraits in that it has a definite goal as a marketing tool and, therefore, a photographer who approaches photography both as a science and an art is of greater service to both professionals and actors.

Many headshots look great, but there is a difference between headshots that simply look great, and headshots that looks great and are engineered to achieve goals and market to a person’s audience.

There are proven, identifiable tactics and choices that headshot photographers can make, or fail to make, in their clients’ favor.

This is the science of headshots.

However, while it does take a photographer who is proficient in the science of headshots to craft bankable images that can’t be ignored, it first takes a client who understands the science of headshots to demand its implementation.

Therefore, I continue to invite business professionals and actors to a personal phone call with me before booking. This way, they can learn how what we do here will improve their lives. In 2022, your headshot is your first impression and online representative. It’s important to approach these visuals with care, and to have a blast doing so.