Headshots in Los Angeles

The Photographer Nogen Beck Is Redefining Headshots in Los Angeles

One reality of the digital age is that investing in a strong headshot is crucial. Once relegated to the world of actors on their way to casting calls, digital media has made it critical for everyone to have a photo that communicates their brand in a snapshot. 

The right headshot can mean the difference between getting noticed and sitting quietly in the wings as opportunities pass. Furthermore, the right headshot can tip the scale in your favor if the choice comes down to you and another candidate.

If you are in the market for a headshot photographer, particularly in Los Angeles, it’s imperative that you do so intentionally. This is not the time to ask your friend on Facebook for a favor. Your headshot is your first impression and your hand shake; if it’s not firm, an unfavorable, subconscious signal is sent and received. 

Your Headshot is a Brand Decision

Your headshot is your personal brand’s logo. It’s the representative of who you are, and it speaks for you when you’re not around. So it’s certainly best if it speaks both accurately and favorably.   

For this reason, it has become increasingly crucial for modern professionals to choose a headshot photographer that understands visual language. While the viewer of your headshots may not know it, color, contrast, expression, posture, positioning, brightness, texture, gesture, genuineness, and mood all communicate subliminally to them. Since the modern professional has a message they want to send clearly, it behooves them to work with a professional headshot photographer who will insist on speaking to them before the shoot to learn what they want to communicate to the market. Only in this way can any photographer translate their clients’ message into visual language, and put the full power of the aforementioned visual tactics in their clients’ corner. 

Getting the Right Image with the Best Headshot Photographer For You.

The first step is creating a list of headshots photographers that have an eye for what you want to portray. Ask yourself, “What do the viewers of my image want to see? Is it power? Confidence and approachability? Do they want a creative? Or a conservative?” A great headshot photographer will be able to capture your true essence within any of these types.


Once you have your list, it’s time to start making calls. This is when you want to turn your spider senses on.

-If a photographer won’t take calls, just bookings, I strongly recommend crossing them off your list. How can a photographer translate your message to the market if they won’t even hear what it is?

-If you get the wrong vibe from your photographer over the phone, it’s not going to get better in person. You want to make sure you’re comfortable ahead of time. This will affect your expressions in the end. You will feel confident and excited to work with the right headshot photographer. Don’t settle for less.

You Chose the Best Headshot Photographer for You…Now what?

Awesome! You completed your shoot, everything felt right, and you got your images. But now you’re faced with the selections process.


Your photographer can take all the best, most carefully crafted images ever of you, but if you don’t choose the ones with the best, most genuine expressions, your final product is still not ideal.

To avoid making choices based on small details only you notice, I suggest having colleagues, marketers, or friends chime in on your best headshots. Look for smiles that aren’t hesitant, that fully emit your essence confidently. If you must choose your own headshot from the batch, look for how your expression and posture make you feel rather than focusing on details that can easily be retouched.

Speaking of Your Headshot’s Retouch…

If you chose a headshot photographer largely based on their portfolio, a part of what you liked is how they retouch. Hopefully, you liked seamless retouching. Simply put, no viewer of your headshot wants to look at what is very obviously a lie. Apparent headshot retouching, particularly when the skin is blurred, will either leave the viewer wondering what you’re hiding, or make them assume you’re insecure (NOT what you want!). Have the headshot photographer you chose retouch your final selection, and make sure you maintain skin texture, realism, and authenticity.


To conclude, in the world we live in today, time is scarce, and impressions (some of which make or break careers) are made in an instant. Those who truly understand branding, marketing, and the power of visual language invest in those elements intentionally. When done correctly, when leveraging all the tactics available, the best headshots are images that open doors and propel their subject towards their goals.